How to make porridge (for baby/toddler) fast and easy

 La gourmet thermal wonder cooker

Gonna share my 3 steps fast and easy way of making porridge. Especially when u have a baby and a toddler this is the way to do it.

I was never a fan in the kitchen and till now because of the girls i’m force to be with one with the kitchen :P Mom taught me a few easy ways to begin with, making porridge over the stove and the typical way of using the mini slow cooker. Both i find although not a lot of work but still i need to watch the fire (stove top) or worried about the porridge got dried up if cooked too long (slow cooker) If you use the slow cooker god knows how long will need to soak the pot before it can be washed.

La gourmet thermal cooker continues to cook inside the pot. How does it work? well not sure if it’s popular or not but so far so good for me.

It comes in 2 sizes, 1.5 liter and 2.5 liter. I got the small one cause my mom has the big one and she said it’s too big. Well it all depends on what you are cooking and how often are you using it. So far am happy with the small one and if you are using it for baby porridge it’s really more than enough. I can make 2x porridge and it only took half of the pot plus ingredients inside. So even if you need extra for yourself or even a 2nd baby there’s still enough space.

Step 1

Prepare your ingredients, meat, chicken,fish, veggies, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkin etc. Chop your veggies and meat should be palm size. Dump everything into the pot and add water. Just like how you would make porridge. Do not add too much water just slightly over your ingredients. If it dries up too much can add water to the consistency you desire. But if too much water can’t change back the consistency.

Step 2 

Put over stove top with low fire until it boils or not more than 15 mins. I usually will do it until it boils which is quite fast even with low fire (pot can put on induction and ceramic as well it’s noted at the bottom of the pot. That is why over stove top it will get hot quickly as the stainless steel material is thinner) The fire should never be wider than the pot. It should be low and slowly boil the ingredients so heat can be locked inside evenly.

After it’s boiling transfer it into the thermal cooker. Be careful the pot is very hot, don’t forget to use a table cloth.

Step 3

Lock it and wait for 1.5 – 2hrs. Do not open the thermal cooker at all, if not the heat will be released. No need to watch over the stove or worried about porridge being dry or sticky in a slow cooker. Cooking is done and i have time to do other stuff.

The results…. add hot water to the consistency you desire stir and serve :D


*Tomato tip: peel off the skin cut the top and bottom and the middle part, soak tomato in water and the seeds will come out in a short while. Happy cooking :)