Badger anti bug balm, review

Babies, toddlers, kids easily are attack by mosquitoes and bugs. They seem to be everywhere and don’t know when or how the kids just get them. Baby Berry has very sensitive skin and easily get attack by mozzies. They are not small either can last for a couple of weeks. I’ve tried several brands, most of the mozzie cream will make it inflame, until i came across this one.

Was caught by a sales person and asked me to give it a try ( i think cause she saw my girl with so many mozzie bites) Was told that not only i can apply on the bites i can also apply it before hand to protect the skin. I thought that’s good can prevent first before she get bitten. Since i have so many cream already no harm giving this one a try.

It’s safe from newborn onwards and it’s natural. No worries about her touching the balm, it absorbs quite fast  and leave no oily or any sticky   or creamy leftovers. It does have that tea tree smell but it goes away within half an hour.

My parents house has a lot of mozzies and so far after applying on her after her shower, she has not gotten bitten. I have to say so far of all the creams, ointment etc i’ve bought this has worked out the best for me. For the bites itself, after applying the bite mark will subside and within 2-3 days it’s gone. We can also use in on ourselves :P

Rating, i give it 4 wings :)

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