Johnny Depp, Cry Baby

I was flipping through the channels the other day and i saw Cry Baby was showing on HBO. I can’t believe it!. I remember watching this show when i was like 11 or 12 yrs old. That was when I first know who is Johnny Depp.

Cry Baby

Cry-Baby (1990) is a musical film directed by John Waters. It stars Johnny Depp as 1950s teen rebel “Cry-Baby” Wade Walker, and also features an expansive cast that includes Iggy Pop, Traci Lords, Ricki Lake, David Nelson, Susan Tyrrell and Patty Hearst. This film did not achieve high audience numbers in its initial release but has subsequently become a cult movie and spawned a hit Broadway musical that was nominated for some Tony Awards.

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I remember watching re-runs of Cry Baby after years had passed. I like musical shows and this was definitely one good show to watch. Especially the scene when he was thrown in jail and they did a tear tattoo beneath his left eye.

Like all Waters movies, it’s about a battle between the good, disreputable people and the bad, conventional ones-in this case, a group of juvenile delinquents (called “drapes”), whose leader is a handsome rock and roller known as Cry-Baby (Johnny Depp), versus “the squares,” represented by just about everybody else in town. Cry-Baby, a sensitive sort (he lost both his parents to the electric chair), falls in love with a square girl, Allison (Amy Locane), and the film devotes itself to exploring the question, Can their forbidden love survive in a world that just doesn’t understand? Unfortunately, almost everything in the movie feels flat and enervated. It’s indifferently, mechanically paced; the musical numbers are ineptly staged; and Depp isn’t a very exciting presence. Waters seems to be going through the motions: “Cry-Baby” is all attitude, a rote recitation of mildly naughty jokes he’s made before. Maybe cute people don’t inspire him. The bizarre supporting cast includes Polly Bergen, former porn queen Traci Lords, Kim McGuire (as a spectacularly ugly girl called Hatchet-Face), Susan Tyrrell, Ricki Lake, Iggy Pop, Troy Donahue, Joey Heatherton, Joe Dallesandro, David Nelson, and celebrity ex-con Patty Hearst. -Terrence Rafferty
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Johnny Depp  super cute!

King Cry Baby – Johnny Depp


If you are wondering is it Johnny Depp that is singing…..nop it’s not. It is sang by James Intveld. James Intveld was hired by director John Waters to sing for Johnny Depp. Not that Johnny Depp can’t sing. He actually can sing and he plays the guitar as well. He sang in Sweeney Todd. That was all him. What can i say he’s always been on the artistic side 😉

Funny they kinda look alike.

Cry baby cry, till next time…

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