How to watch F1 LIVE online for free

For those that’s stuck in office or have no cable at home: here’s how to watch F1 LIVE online for free! (You can find some live football shows as well, but you probably might need to browse the channels to find the right match.)

1. Download SopCast and install. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have any spyware. I have Norton Antivirus and I’m as paranoid as you, probably even more. If you face problems downloading from that site as I did just 2 days ago, you can download it from the mirror. Much faster.

2. Click this link for StarSports:

3. Choose SopCast as the application to launch (if you’re prompted for it), and you should be logged in as anonymous automatically, and voila! Formula One :)

Note: As of September 2009, this link is NOT working. Will update this site as soon as I find a working alternative. Sorry.

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