How to make porridge (for baby/toddler) fast and easy

 La gourmet thermal wonder cooker

Gonna share my 3 steps fast and easy way of making porridge. Especially when u have a baby and a toddler this is the way to do it.

I was never a fan in the kitchen and till now because of the girls i’m force to be with one with the kitchen 😛 Mom taught me a few easy ways to begin with, making porridge over the stove and the typical way of using the mini slow cooker. Both i find although not a lot of work but still i need to watch the fire (stove top) or worried about the porridge got dried up if cooked too long (slow cooker) If you use the slow cooker god knows how long will need to soak the pot before it can be washed.

La gourmet thermal cooker continues to cook inside the pot. How does it work? well not sure if it’s popular or not but so far so good for me.

It comes in 2 sizes, 1.5 liter and 2.5 liter. I got the small one cause my mom has the big one and she said it’s too big. Well it all depends on what you are cooking and how often are you using it. So far am happy with the small one and if you are using it for baby porridge it’s really more than enough. I can make 2x porridge and it only took half of the pot plus ingredients inside. So even if you need extra for yourself or even a 2nd baby there’s still enough space.

Step 1

Prepare your ingredients, meat, chicken,fish, veggies, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkin etc. Chop your veggies and meat should be palm size. Dump everything into the pot and add water. Just like how you would make porridge. Do not add too much water just slightly over your ingredients. If it dries up too much can add water to the consistency you desire. But if too much water can’t change back the consistency.

Step 2 

Put over stove top with low fire until it boils or not more than 15 mins. I usually will do it until it boils which is quite fast even with low fire (pot can put on induction and ceramic as well it’s noted at the bottom of the pot. That is why over stove top it will get hot quickly as the stainless steel material is thinner) The fire should never be wider than the pot. It should be low and slowly boil the ingredients so heat can be locked inside evenly.

After it’s boiling transfer it into the thermal cooker. Be careful the pot is very hot, don’t forget to use a table cloth.

Step 3

Lock it and wait for 1.5 – 2hrs. Do not open the thermal cooker at all, if not the heat will be released. No need to watch over the stove or worried about porridge being dry or sticky in a slow cooker. Cooking is done and i have time to do other stuff.

The results…. add hot water to the consistency you desire stir and serve 😀


*Tomato tip: peel off the skin cut the top and bottom and the middle part, soak tomato in water and the seeds will come out in a short while. Happy cooking :)



Life with a newborn baby and a toddler

It has finally been 2 months plus that i can blog about this. After my 2nd baby was born needless to say that i was super busy and just could not find the time to …… actually do anything on my own.

My mom did confinement for me and i have to say i enjoy the food much better than the first time. Maybe like what my mom said, i’ve finally gotten use to the ginger. To me it was more like i had already tasted it the first time, and that’s called experience 😛

 Berry pie (1) & Cutie pie (2)

Can u see the resemblance?

They are 2 years apart. I’m juggling a 24 month toddler with a 12 week old baby.

I have to say it is not easy but it can be done. Did my confinement at my mom’s house and she help out with the newborn. Of course it is not easy when you have a active toddler running around. At the same time she does not understand there’s a new baby around. I have to be cautious and handle her feelings with care. Hopefully that she will naturally fall into loving the baby 😉 Being mommy’s little helper helps…. let her be apart of everything, so far so good.

She loves to shower baby with kisses.

After confinement i went back to my own house and it was just me hubs and the kids. It was a challenge and things need to be alter to suit a baby and a toddler. 24 Hrs was never enough for me and i was dead tired. Luckily hubs was able to work from home and with the slightest help IT HELP a lot.

Frequent feeding for the newborn (drinking milk every 3hrs) and pooing was just around the clock for the first month. Luckily now is just once or twice a day. On top of that my toddler will play loudly and wake up the baby. She would also be needy and jealous of the baby. Wanting to drink milk all the time and be carried. Without hubs help i don’t think i can do it alone. Definitely will need a second hand around to juggle both needs. Well… it’s a new routine and everyone need to be adjusted.

Going to play school

I have decided that putting my toddler to play school for half a day would make things better. At least it gives me some time to finish up baby needs in the morning while quickly start some chores. 3 Hrs may seem short but for me it was good enough to finish almost everything i need to do before i pick my toddler.

Play school was great, Berry pie(my toddler)  loves it. She’s always been a people person and playing with other kids was just right down her alley. Like many people i still had to go thru some crying while dropping her off but she cope quite well (as the teachers told me) She would stop crying once i leave and was distracted with the activities and toys. Not only i had some time  to do  my house work and baby needs, at the same time Berry pie will be learning and  catch up on her social skills. So it was a good move to put her to play school. When she comes home, it will be lunch and off to a 2 hour nap. When she wakes up, she will play a little and it will be dinner time. It’s not too tough through out the day.

Everyday has become a routine

My day start early and end late. In fact i don’t think it ever did end as I still need to do midnight feed. It’s tiring…. but i know it’s only for a couple of months (am still waiting for those days to end) There is no question about it that all of this takes effort and time and if you dread doing it the worst it will get. I don’t dread doing it, i’m just tired. I’m zombiefied 😛 Other than that i’m quite ok. I try to enjoy my moment with my 2 girls. They only get to be babies once.

My 2 pies 

All in all it’s challenging but it’s doable. For me, i rather quickly go thru it all than to wait 4-5 years and start all over again. Now i can finish the baby years and focus on raising my girls together. No doubt when the first born is older it’s definitely easier (cause they have more understanding) but i rather take the challenge 😛 I’ve always wanted my kids to be close to each other within 2-3 years apart.

Post got too long, didn’t even know i had the time to write so long, haha. Till next time…




Electrolux Ergorapido, review

At first was hesitated to whether or not to buy this home gadget. Was pondering here and there and finally just bite the bullet and bought it. Well it’s not cheap. I think it was around Rm600++ but lucky for me when i was at the Electrolux shop they were having a promotion. But only on certain colors. So i got it for Rm 400+ :)

Is it worth the money?

This small vacuum can only be use for 15mins. Electrolux guy told me any vacuum should only use for 15mins otherwise their life span won’t be long, even for the big voltage vacuums.Well i don’t know about that but i guess for small appliances it make sense.

My favorite part of this vacuum is that it’s cordless so it can be move anywhere especially on the stairs.

The head is easily swivel to both direction to get into the edges. There are small lights in front so you won’t miss any dust in front. At first i thought it was useless but after using it the light did come in handy, especially around the edges.

The hand vacuum comes in handy when you can’t get into areas you can’t reach. Usually i use it to vacuum the sofa, soft toys etc. It’s easily detachable for cleaning, no bag. Just dust it out into the trash can and it’s washable. It is a little small so you will need to clear it out after each vacuum.

It is able to vacuum short rug but i have a longer bristle rug it’s a little difficult to vacuum but it can be done. So far after having this, i barely even took out my regular vacuum, it’s just there for the maid to use. This is definitely a easy and convenient vacuum, just whip it out and do a quick sweep and those that have kids will definitely know what i mean :)

My rating

Badger anti bug balm, review

Babies, toddlers, kids easily are attack by mosquitoes and bugs. They seem to be everywhere and don’t know when or how the kids just get them. Baby Berry has very sensitive skin and easily get attack by mozzies. They are not small either can last for a couple of weeks. I’ve tried several brands, most of the mozzie cream will make it inflame, until i came across this one.

Was caught by a sales person and asked me to give it a try ( i think cause she saw my girl with so many mozzie bites) Was told that not only i can apply on the bites i can also apply it before hand to protect the skin. I thought that’s good can prevent first before she get bitten. Since i have so many cream already no harm giving this one a try.

It’s safe from newborn onwards and it’s natural. No worries about her touching the balm, it absorbs quite fast  and leave no oily or any sticky   or creamy leftovers. It does have that tea tree smell but it goes away within half an hour.

My parents house has a lot of mozzies and so far after applying on her after her shower, she has not gotten bitten. I have to say so far of all the creams, ointment etc i’ve bought this has worked out the best for me. For the bites itself, after applying the bite mark will subside and within 2-3 days it’s gone. We can also use in on ourselves 😛

Rating, i give it 4 wings :)

iPad, iPhone gadgets, should you let your kids play?

So there’s a debate on should you let your kids play gadgets or not ? Since there’s been a studies that shown that early exposure of gadgets to kids are not good, people has been taking it more serious than it should.

Well if you asked me…. i’ll tell you otherwise. It’s my own experience with my own child that i find it useful. Having said that too much of anything is bad for you. With guidance and control it is actually not only entertaining but educational as well.

I started to teach my girl to use since she was 12 months. Of course at first she does not know how to play the games. It will be just watching cartoons or just showing her how to point and select items. About one month later she’s starting to know how to use the iPad. Her other fingers cannot touch the screen if she need to choose something and how the iPad works. At 13 months she was still unable to to play the toddler games yet but we been teaching her and she would look at us play. Simple games like learning ABC’s, shapes, colors, etc. Before hubby and i knew it she was able to select the app and play on her own.

At the beginning she was excited and always ask to play the iPad, we let her play 1-2 hours a day so she can learn how to play the games. Even my mom was learning how to use the iPad with her, hehe. After a short while she got the hang of it and able to understand how certain apps work. Learning her ABC’s and understanding how the game play and how to recognizing words. I really like the spelling apps it tells her the alphabets and sounds of the object and she loves it. It all seem so easy for her now she’s not even interested. I can see her improving and moving on to more challenging apps. There are flashcards with sounds and ibooks that can read to her it’s really convenient all in one gadget. I’m not saying that i depend all on the iPad but it really helps because kids learn while they play.

We only allow her to use the iPad when we’re out eating. That’s because she already know how to use it and playing the iPad is a privilege not a everyday toy. It’s a great tool especially when your out eating. It entertains her while we eat without any fussiness. So it’s either that or have a toddler banging on utensils or whiny through the entire time you are eating.

Some disagree

Some people might disagree with using the gadget. But seriously with good control it’s no big deal. So far for me, my girl been learning stuff from it and have a good understanding with the iPad. I would also disagree with people that’s abusing the usage of the iPad. Let the child play like nobody’s business and for hours. Just dump them there with the iPad. Now that’s wrong. 

So no big hoo ha for me about letting my child use any gadgets. Just because some studies has shown that it’s unhealthy doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It’s just a research on particular kids and how they did it. It’s the same for TV. Studies has shown that TV is no good for children under 2 yrs old. Well… my girl can talk more and follow what the cartoon characters say. That’s another post altogether, lol. That’s just my experience and 3 cents don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Take it with a pinch of salt and common sense.


Tutorial: Exporting your posts and images to a install

While trying to move our blog over to this install, I find that the’s export tool does not export the images. I imported the XML export that I got after a export, and I see the images at the new blog, but on close examination, the image links in the posts are still pointing to the site. Should anything happen with the account, you’ll lose all your images and end up with broken links.

Here’s the solution I found on how to do a proper posts and images export, and importing them to a install.



  • Webhosting purchased
  • install done


Step 1

Login to your account and export the posts.

Under Tools, Export, choose “All content” and click “Download Export File”.


When prompted, save the file.


Step 2

This step requires a free Firefox addon: DownThemAll!

Once installed, look for the XML file saved in Step 1 above,  make a copy and rename the extension to .txt. Open the now renamed text file in Firefox (just drag and drop it to Firefox).

Right click and choose “DownThemAll!…”

To ensure that the files are saved in the right directory structure, change the Renaming Mask to *subdirs*\*name*.*ext*

Ensure only “Images” are checked in Filters.

Click Start. This will download all the images in their corresponding folders in the directory mentioned in “Save Files in”.


Step 3

In this step, you’ll need to open the original downloaded, XML, and rename the URL accordingly. Note that you’ll have to add the wp-content/uploads in the destination. Example, using Textpad:

Find what:  src=”

Replace with: src=”

Hit Replace All.


Step 4

Now you can ftp the downloaded images files to wpcontent/uploads, and import the updated XML file to the install. Now you’ll have a copy of your images, and the links in your old posts are pointing to the right place!


Hope this helps!

Little Bean 2.4Ghz digital baby monitor, review

* 300 meters trasmission range
* Two-way communication
* No interference and high privacy
* 2.4 ghz digital wireless transmission
* Frequency hopping technology with FHSS
* LEDs sound bar
* Baby’s room temperature indicated in the parent unit
* Lullaby activation from receiver
* Plays 3 melodies
* Voice activation (VOX) on baby unit
* Voice activation night light
* Adaptor or battery operated
* Recharging base

Rm 299- 350 (depends where you buy, online or at a shop)

Was scouting for a baby monitor after my move and came across this one. I’ve notice before that baby monitor was kinda pricey around Rm500 and above. I thought to myself i don’t think i want to spend so much on a baby monitor. When i saw this model with the price range i thought ok i think we can give this a try.

Saw some reviews and it says 300 meters range are suitable for upstairs and downstairs usage for standard a house. Didn’t want to go high and low searching for one so just give this one a try.

The review…

It is very sensitive and very clear. When the baby move it will immediately pick up the sound. But the down part is that the parent unit volume is very low. Make sure to turn up the volume to maximum every time it’s on (even on high volume it sounds low) I was surprise how sensitive it was, so that was a plus point.

Now the down part, you can never charge both of them at the same time. The baby unit with the adapter  can never be turn on when the parent unit is charging. So.. the baby unit is the one that’s left in the room turn on all the time right. The parent unit is the one that needs to be charged. When you charge the parent unit the baby unit has to be off. And the worst thing is that the parent unit battery runs out very fast. I think probably around 3 hours. Have to charge every night and have to switch is off each time. It is such a hassle of me cause you can’t just charge it as you like otherwise it will jam the monitor. Oh ya trust me i’ve tried it.

The lullaby is super loud and the sound is too sharp, definitely can’t be use for the baby to sleep. So that feature is useless. Temperature display is good, at least you can see what is the temperature of the room is at all times when you are away. Night light is ok i guess but it can be irritating cause there will be a light on all the time. Just put it in a direction that’s not facing the bed.

Well… for the price i can’t complaint much. Otherwise i’ll have to look into those sleeker ones that will cost me Rm 799-1k. So far it does the job but i wish that Little Bean can improve on the battery life.


Maternity support belt, review

So your stomach is getting big and maybe even before that your lower back is starting to stress you out. The agony and pain that you been suffering throughout the day…. fear not! the support belt can help.

I’ve been having lower back pain for quite sometime since i was pregnant. Didn’t think much of it and i guess at that time it was not so painful as in now. Before your stomach becomes big sometimes the lower back can be a little stressful but still bearable. Well… at least till the 3rd trimester when it’s no longer bearable. I’ve had pain since i wake up and through out the day all i did was just hanging in the house. I’ve heard people saying that the support belt helps, so immediately i went looking for it. Went to a few baby shops but sadly none of them carry the support belt. Until finally came across Mamour at 1Utama.

This is exactly what i wanted. There are 2 types. One of them is like a tube on the stomach. It’s also call the support belt/tummy. Straps are adjustable on both ends.

  Maternity belt

When i saw this i was thinking how can this support my back?? It’s just a piece of cloth that wrap around the stomach. Then when the sales girl show me the belt…. now that’s what I’m talking about. I know some people actually will wear two of them together for better support. For me i don’t like anything that wraps around my stomach. Kinda feel itchy and hot. But of course if you want support or to cover your tummy you can definitely try this one. Most shops will have this maternity belt.

I’ve research and was expecting that this belt would cost around Rm 200++ but to my surprise that this one that i found was only Rm 79.99. Well i’m pretty sure the more expensive ones are organic and special type of material but at this moment i’m not choosy whatever works. There’s a size chart there make sure you get the right size and don’t feel shy to try it out. I did and immediately i wore it 😛 I can’t believe it just relieve the pain right away. If i only knew this earlier with my first pregnancy. Also went through the same pain as early as 5 months into the pregnancy. So if you are thinking whether to try it out or not i would say yes if you are having lower back pain. Definitely can feel the improvement. So far it’s been working out really well for me.

I only wear it when i’m out on my feet and on days when it’s just too painful even at home. You do not want to cramp the baby just in case. Although it’s rested below the belly but if you are carrying low the baby might be kicking.


Kyocera ceramic knife, review

The Santoku Knife is the ultimate cutting tool for every day slicing of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.

If you have not seen it on tv or any other shows, the knife that looks like plastic and looks more suitable for kids than adults. I have to say i totally love it. It does not make your veggies or fruits turn black after slicing it.

At first i thought what so special about the peeler, it’s just gonna be like any other peeler. Well i love the peeler too. It peels thinly and just peel harder if you it it to be deeper. Very smooth while peeling and make my job so much faster and easier. The bad part is that the peeler cannot be sharpen. Once it’s not sharp anymore it’s time to change a new one.

I bought the breast cancer edition, 3 piece set 5.5 inch knife, Y peeler and a chopping board. It also comes in a variety of fun colors.  The special edition breast cancer 3 piece set , i bought at Rm 245 i think. For one knife i think it sells for Rm199 or something. It is a little pricey but trust me it’s worth it.

At first i didn’t quite like the chopping board it’s so thin and i thought it’s not gonna be much use. Boy was i wrong. I use it everyday to make baby food (together with my peeler and knife) After chopping i can just bend the board and slide everything into the pot/pan etc. The board is quite smooth so far no complaints for me. I hate those plastic chopping board.

They do sell the knife sharpener but it’s too expensive around Rm 200++ not worth it. Bring back to the shop where you bought the knife and they will sharpen it for you for free. The sales person told me it’s not worth to buy the sharpener cause you would only need to sharpen your knife once a year.

All in all i have to say i don’t think i’ll go back to the stainless steel knife unless i have to. Am very happy with the result and gonna try out more of their products. I’m not a cooking person and don’t really care about kitchenware but this knife does it all, even for me :)

If you want to check out this knife, so far i’ve only seen this knife selling at ETC store (Bangsar shopping center & The Curve) and Robinsons.


Cotton cloth panty liner, review

 Top layer is made up of soft and hypoallergenic USA imported cotton flannel. Consists of 4 layers cotton flannel, the wing is slightly thicker but soft to prevent wear and tear. 100% cotton flannel is highly breathable and cool to skin.
Dry Flux Liner – RM15/pc
Length: 8 inches
Front Width: 2.5 inches
Back Width: 3 inches
Snowdrop™ Cotton Cloth Pad:

Top layer in contact with skin is made of soft and hypoallergenic 100% USA cotton flannel. Inner core consists of multiple layers, including organic bamboo which is also highly breathable and antibacterial. Bottom layer is PUL waterproof backed with 100% cotton for breathable, comfort and cooling effect to your skin.

Came across this one day on Facebook, thought i’ll give it a try. A panty liner that’s reusable hmm… interesting. For those first day of period, last day of period or daily use. Comes in cute attractive colors.

I’m a regular user for panty liners, just feel more clean. Especially when i’m pregnant, occasionally will have discharge. I’ve bought this quite some time ago but didn’t have the time to try it out. With all the renovation and moving this was the last thing on my mind.

I bought 2, puzzle pieces and spring garden i think.

The material look and feel thick. Which is all good but i was thinking wouldn’t that be hot ? To my surprise it’s not hot at all. Quite comfy but the down side is that it moves around in my underwear. At first i thought maybe my underwear is loose but it’s not. Even though you have button it down to the correct place but when you move around the liner will move together with you. It will end up a little in front or a little back. I did find it cleaner than using the regular pads. i think cause it’s thicker and it absorbs more. While the regular pads are thinner and once wet the area thins out (i use Poise which is a thicker liner, still the same result)

I would like to use it on a daily basis but it moves around which made me uncomfortable so it will just be my spare pad when my disposable runs out. For those who are thinking of trying it out i think it’s worth a try since it’s not pricey. It’s Rm 15 and if you can wear it without any problems then good for you :)

Baby Snowdrop